Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I know its a couple days late but oh well. just wanted to say LOVE YOU to the many wonderful moms out there.  You do a fantastic job! I read the message on lds.org for mothers day and it touched my heart and gave me some added determination. So if you haven't looked at it yet go do it. There is a good message to husbands and kids too to better help their moms. Anyway I had a great mothers day. Jay made some great stuffed French Toast and I think that will have to become a new tradition. I didn't go to church yet but I had a great time just reading great things about moms and contemplating about my wonderful mom and how greatful I am to her. I think I appreciate her more now that I am a mom and have gone through all that a woman does to become a mom not to mention daily molding and changing to help her kids the best she can.

It made me so greatful for such a wonderful example. I wrote her a poem and wanted to share it, I am sure it applies to many of you. Cheers to moms!


What do I say to a mother of mine

Who has never complained for a second

With the laundry and errands and running around

She wouldn’t ever miss what important

She is someone I can count on

A friend, an angel ,a life saver many a time

I cannot remember a day goes by that she hasn’t asked, “ how’s it going?”

Perfect, not quite, but she has come very close especially when it comes

To making me feel important and loved and sometimes like I am number one

Without being asked my mother is there;

A helping hand, a confident, a peacemaker

Many an “ah ha” moment has been spent in her presence

And I know the learning and growing will only continue

In many a sense she is my Super Hero

Having energy to accomplish life from who knows where

Her love for God, Family, and Life will always be imprinted in my heart

Mother, I Love You so very much and wish I had better words to express

My sincere gratitude for Your example in My Life

And for your infinite love that cannot be measured

I hope I can be as good a mother as you for that is my life’s quest

Best Breakfast Stuffed French Toast

Beautiful Flowers Jay got for me, LOVE them!

Eden Lovin' on her brother( sometimes they get smothered, but her intentions are good)

Me and my cute kids

Love the sweet moments

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Weeks

Here they are two weeks old 
Dad with his boys 
Cute Eden and her brothers 
I sure love those pretty blue eyes! 
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Baby Pics

So I have a fun little story. A few weeks ago before the twins arrived I was looking for a dresser for Eden. I searched craigslist for a while trying to find something within my budget but still decent and I found a wood dresser for $10! Sweet! So I went over to get it and got talking with the seller and she found out about me having twins and said she was going back to photography school and needed some twins to take pics of for a project she had to do. She asked if she could come do a photo shoot and then she would just give me all the edited pics of the twins for free. I thought that was a great deal so I agreed. She is still learning I think cause she cent me a few and they looked ok but didn't really look edited to me, so I spiced them up a bit. She is supposed to be sending a bunch more within a week so I will post those when I get them.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We are Home, Finally!

Its been a long first week but we are finally home and it feels great. The twins slept in their car seats when we got back for over 4 hours( I think they are giving me a little break). They are lots of fun and we just love looking at them. Eden loves to get really close to them and its hard sometimes cause she doesn't understand how fragile they are.  She has already tried to pick them up a few times but I caught her before she got too far into that process. I think she is a little jeleous of the attention, but we are trying to give it evenly. Crazy to think there are 5 of us now!
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Twins Arrival

So pictures really speak a thousand words and you can make your won story by looking at all of these. It was a wonderful yet very hard experience, but one I will cherish forever.  Tues at my Doc. appt I was already dialated to a 5 80% effaced and Kasons head was at -1 position. My midwife could not believe I wasn't in labor. So my labor went how I wanted it to. It was relaxed, easy, calm and my contractions were just cramps. It was great. By the time I got hooked up to my iv for Group B strep my contractions had gotten a little harder and things still moved well.  By the time I got to an 8 i was starting to hurt more and wasn't sure I could do it natural it=f it lasted a real long time but before I knew it I was ready to push. They wheeled me to the OR and it began.  I really don't like the OR, it was really hard to focus and relax in there. but I got Kason out in about 4 pushes and he was beautiful to me. It was well worth it.
Then all of a sudden a little hand came out before a head and the doc had to try to push it back. He tried to manually turn the baby so I could deliver( not fun by the way) but that didn't work. His heart rate droped and c-section was the only option, so I was put under and don't remember anything until I came to a few hours later.
I got to have Treyden after that but then Kason had to stay in the nursery because of breathing problems and fluid in his lungs. He ended up staying for 6 days going from having oxygen and tubes in his stomach and eating from iv's to me slowly being able to feed him as they took him off of everything. I am so grateful for technology and good doctors. I had wonderful nurses and have no complaints there.  It was a great experience even though it didn't turn out like I planned.  I am just grateful I have these two little guys in my life and that they chose me to be their mom. Thanks to all for the prayers in our behalf. On to new adventures!
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My Big Belly

These first two pics were about 2 weeks before they came. Just thought Eden was cute trying to mimic me.  
These next two were two days before and wanted to capture how Eden would always come up to my belly and rub it and say hi to the boys. She gave my belly hugs and then wanted a picture showing her belly too. 
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