Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scariest 5 Seconds of MY Life!

It probably wasn't quite even 5 seconds but it felt a lot longer than that. I had just gotten done feeding the boys in their high chairs and had Treyden over by the sink. Kason was still in his chair and Eden was starting to take him out. I told her no and she just decided to make him laugh instead. Kason started getting excited and moving in his chair.  He was leaning forward quite a bit, and all of a sudden...Crash! I looked over the counter and he is face first on the HARD TILE! I am sure you know the feeling when you can't quite get somewhere fast enough. I so many thoughts racing through my head in a matter of seconds. One of them was why I wasn't hearing and crying or screaming. Just silence. I seriously almost had a heart attack, I was so scared. I picked him up and unbuckled his seat belt, made sure he was awake and alive. Whew! And then I just held him close for a long long time. Thank you Guardian Angles! I know they are around. Eden and I had a thankful prayer right after that. Kason didn't even have a scratch or a bruise. So thankful, and with this post I am publicly thanking my Heavenly Father for watching over and Protecting my little family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Couple Videos

This is Treyden doing a scrunchy face. He started it, and later on( not in the video) Kason started doing it too. Pretty silly. 

I Got the boys to clap and say yea. We are also teaching them sign for more and please, but they don't always do it when I want them too yet. Soon hopefully.

More Christmas Pics

I found some more pictures on my video camera. they are not great pictures, but at least they are something. I didn't have my other camera out, but these were fun to see. These are from Christmas day at Grandma and Grandpas house in snowflake!

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