Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Introducing the Door Hinge

Eden had a run-in with the door hinge. It was stiking up and she was running around being crazy and fell headon. She gashed her head right above her eye in two spots. It looked worse in person. One is bigger than the other. It bled quite a bit and she of course was scared cause she didn't know what was coming out of her head. It wasn't too deep so we didn't get stiches. We put some liquid bandaid/glue stuff on it with steri strips. She was a trooper while I held her down to do it. Now she points to it and says "ouch". Hopefully it doesn't leave a big scar. Sorry babe.


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Monday, October 17, 2011

Silly Kid

This is Eden pouty face. Sometimes I almost laugh at it, gota watch that.

Feeding herself eggs-her favorite breakfast.

She always sticks her tongue out when she is really focused on something. She likes to take things apart and put them together, like her high chair buckles, which has to be put together immediatelyafter she's done eating.

Eden tried the zip line and loved it. We got a kick out of watching her. But we tried again this past weekend and she got scared. Guess she forgot about how fun it was.


Riding her horse. She tries to immitate the noises it makes. She can do a pretty good horse.

Lovin' aunt Breanna. She is one of Edens best friends. She tries to say her name and it sound like bannana.
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