Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ok so I just posted about 4 or 5 videos. Hope you can view them all. This is the one with them fighting over an apple. Too funny. I posted this one on Facebook too. Love it!
My sister Breanna got them laughing good.
Eden was making Kason laugh so hard, it was cute. I will try to get on up of Treyden.

Determined Kason

This is Kason trying so hard to get the little mobile . He even made the swing stop swinging. He slid down as far as he could and didn't give up til he grabbed it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chubby babies

I LOVE chubby babies, and I really love to kiss them all over! Anyway I forgot to say how the boys are growing. They had an appt this week and are exactly the same. Same head width, same length- 28 in, and same weight- 18.5lbs! Crazy. They sure are getting heavy to lug around.

We did just go measure Eden cause she wanted a turn and she is just under 3 ft. I think she will be tall too. Fun fun.

Six months already

Its already November wow. Sorry I haven't posted in a little while. Well, the kids are doing great. The boys are scooting some and Kason gets on all fours for a little while then falls back down. Treyden is not far behind. I am sure they will be crawling soon. Eden loves playing with them more as they will interact and laugh at things she does. They think they know what real food is and always try to grab it. I will post a video of them sucking on an apple core and fighting over it next. It was funny.
We are excited for cooler weather and the holidays that are just around the corner. Eden said something funny the other day. Jay was watching the kids as and I was leaving to go work out. Whenever someone leaves Eden asks for hugs and kisses. I had given them to her already a few minutes before, so I just left and said bye. She opened the front door and watched me leave and just stood there as I waved to her. Well, a few minutes later Jay called me and relayed this conversation
Eden: Mom left!
Jay: Yeah you said bye already
Eden: I can't believe it! She didn't give me hugs and kisses!
Jay: Yes she did. You can have some more though when she gets back ok.
Eden: Yea I guess
These are some pictures we took one day just for fun. Hopefully soon we will get some good family pictures and get all the kids smiling. I need some more to put on my wall.

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