Thursday, March 14, 2013

Peek a Boo in the Curtians

This was fun. They loved playing this. Kason started it last night but we didn't get it on camera. Treyden says something that sounds like " Peek a boo" towards the end.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tag you're it


 The first 15 seconds are fun, after that nothing too exciting happens. I caught the tail end of them doing this. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Update

These are just some pictures of what we have been up to lately. Edens hair is getting really long, lovin it. We go on a bike ride almost every day and sometimes go to the park. The weather is BEAUTIFUL! WE love being outside. I lget some pictures of us on our bike and trailer when I get someone else to take them of me and the kids. We also are trying out a garden and we have been working on that.I am excited to pull weeds and watch things grow with Eden. She is so excited about it.    Other than that we are just busy keeping up with three crazy kids. Jay just got released as Y.M. president and is now in the Elders Quorum presidency. So hopefully its not quite so busy.

We made homemade play-dough. She loves to make fun shapes and make a mess:)

Treydens scrunchy face that reminds me of Jay. Kason will do it sometimes, but I didn't catch it. 

Kason, cute little teeth. He has 6 now. 

Treyden, I think he has 7 teeth now. It fun giving them things they can bite on now. 

Being goofy

Loving the swings. They just laughed everytime I pushed them. 



Eden  loves the slides. She dressed herself this day. Shirt on backwards, red polka dot dress, bright green pants and hot pink shoes. Gotta love it. She was so proud of her attire. 
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