Thursday, December 27, 2012


   So our little boys are getting teeth. I was really scared at first cause I thought that as soon as they did- no more nursing. But they actually haven't even tried biting yet. they did more of that before they had teeth.    Kason started getting his bottom right tooth about a week ago. A few days later Treyden started getting his bottom Left tooth. ( I am thinking there is a pattern here. Treyden has a cowlick on the right side, and Kason now has a sort of cowlick on the right, just a little different looking. Maybe one will be left handed and one right handed?). Now they have all four( two top and two bottom) teeth coming at about the same time. Crazy. Kason has all his poked through now and Treyden is waiting on one top and one bottom to actually poke through all the way. Crazy. They have been doing well though, a little cranky especially at nap time but not as bad as I thought it would be. Glad they are getting out of the way quickly.
   We had fun in Snowflake for Christmas weekend and Christmas day. Eden loved it and we ended up having a White Christmas! I will post more about Christmas after we have it again with my family and again with Jay's siblings the first of January. Three Christmas'. Fun Fun.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Picture Time

We went to my cousin Hayley's house one afternoon with my family and we took a bunch of pictures. It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out great. Hayley did a good job. We took them behind her house in the Pecan groves in Queen Creek. The kids did really good considering we were taking pics for aobut an hour with our little family and my parents and siblings as well. We had a good time. Now I just need to print a bunch, send them to family and put some uo on my walls! 
We are excited for the Christmas season. We have been to the Temple lights and will go agaib this week. Eden loves it. She doesn't quite understand Santa Clause but she understands that its Jesus' Birthday and that makes her happy. She is learning a lot in nursery and came home one day and this was our conversation:
E: Mom I want to talk to you
Me: Ok what do you wnat to talk about?
E: About Joseph Smith and Jesus and God.
Me: Did you learn about them in nursery
E: Yeah. And Joseph Smith got hurt and got medicine and God and Jesus and the Gospel and He loves us!( At this point she has a huge grin on her face)
It was pretty cute. Now whenever she needs to go take a nap she tries to stall and talk to me again about God and Jesus and Joseph Smith. I think it was because I gave her my undivided attention cause I was very impressed she remembered all that.                                                                                      
The boys are doing well. They are close to crawling, just army crawling everywhere and picking everything up and putting it in their mouths. The other day I found a long plastic piece from Edens toys in Kasons diaper. That must have been very uncomfortable. We have to watch everything that gets dropped on the floor. Their individuale personalities are coming out more. Kason: Is a go-getter. He wants something, he finds a way to get it. He even crawls over things now. He has a low whine and grunt when he is sad or tired. He will almost yell at me when he wants my attention or more food. He is the squeeky wheel so to say and lets you know it. He is very ticklish and loves to laugh, play and explore. Has a cute " Grandpa Russell face", as Jay calles it. He is getting a tooth soon. And likes to do the plank.
Treyden: Has a high squeel and whine. He scruntches his nose and makes funny sounds. Very curious and plays with Kasons face. He will grab your face with both hands and give"Kisses". He is usually a little more patient when feeding a little baby food, but he likes it now. He has a huge grin and loves to jump.
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