Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kason and Treyden are 2!!!!

They had a great birthday. We made chocolate chip pancakes for them and then we went to the park. They rode their new plasma cars down the hill and all around and had a blast. Then we went to Firehouse subs for lunch with my sister and mom and Grandparents. They loved it and got their fire hats. Nap time. Got ready for a party. Then we had cousins and friends over for a CARS party. We had hot dogs and rice crispy treats and played fun games. They had a good time. Can't believe its already 2 years since I had them. Time flies. I love Kasons fun loving personality. He is very curious, loves to play in the water, give hugs, and he sings all the time. Treyden has a cute low voice, loves to give hugs, wrestle, be outside and make messes with his brother.They both have their own unique struts around the house that crack me up.  They do almost everything together. Sure love you Kason! Love you Treyden! Glad I had you both at the same time, it sure makes life interesting!
     Today was a crazy day. Here is s little snippet of my day and craziness of two little boys: I am on the computer uploading videos of birthday etc. Both boys are in the kitchen, pull oven the fridge, and start taking things out. Suddenly I hear glass and run in to see what happened. Jelly cracked and salsa leaked. SO I push them out of the kitchen and start the clean up. As I am doing so 2 little boys rush to the computer and start messing with it. WE just got a new computer and they have been known to tear off the keys of our old one if we happened to leave it in their reach( which I just did since I rushed in the save them from shattered glass). I rushed back in their and saved the computer and then they got locked in their room for a few minutes til I could finish. They cried for like 2 seconds. After I am done my V. T. show up and I go to retrieve the boys. I find them playing under their cribs and Kason is naked. Took off his diaper and thought he was funny. That's just by 9 a.m. This is got to be good for some fun memories later on! Hope someone got a laugh out of that!
     They have also been taking their diapers off at nap time and laughing at each other. I thought it was funny at first and I took a pic, didn't post it online though afraid I might get in trouble. Now they get a little spank if they do cause Treyden pooped in his bed the other day after this little routine. Oh the joys! Have a Happy Tuesday!