Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cute Little Guy

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So, I haven't put an update on the twins in a while. This is a picture from the last ultra sound I got. It is the best picture of a face so far. He was facing up instead of towards my back like they usually are. Its hard to make out what it is at first but its a head and eyes, cute little nose, and his fingers are in his mouth. The Tech tried to get a picture sooner with his tongue out but was a little late. The other twin was not cooperating so we just have one good pic for now. Maybe next week I will have some better ones. And hopefully real soon after that I will have some real life pictures to post:) They are both doing great. One is not hogging all the goods. The ultra sound said they weighed 4lb 9oz and 4lb 13oz. So they are about average to a normal baby weight right now.  I am 34 weeks and last week was measuring at 39. So I feel quite done at the moment. I waddle around with swollen ankles( that just started the past week or so) and people always ask if I am due any time. I tell them no not til May technically but I am having twins. And then the same questions continue if it runs in the family etc. For those of you who don't know twins do not run in my family. I researched online and if it is passed through generation it can only be passed through the mother. Guys can't carry it. And that is just for Fraternal. We are tole that our twins are identical and that is just by chance( or really God's gift). They share a placenta and so far they have shared it well.
I am hoping they come around 37 weeks.
That way they shouldn't have to be in the NICU at all and they should be plenty big. And I will be more than ready to have them. Just 3 more weeks hopefully.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 26th Birthday Jay!

Happy Birthday Hubby!
I just wanted to do a little tribute to Jay today. I appreciate him so much. He has so many wonderful qualities that I am so grateful for. He has been so helpful lately as I have become lots slower. He is so willing to do the dishes or help mop the floor for me. Eden has been a little needy lately as well( I think she knows big changes are coming to our home soon and she won't get as much attention. So He has devoted lots of time to her to make her happy and help her get to bed and sleep.
I am so proud of him this past semester, he has been so dedicated to school and he is doing great in all of his classes. I am grateful for him and his hard work it is paying off.
He is such a great dad. Eden is his little buddy and I know our twins will get lots of attention from him as well. I am excited for that.
I am so blessed.Thanks for your love and support Jay, I know you got my back:) Love ya!