Sunday, November 3, 2013

Photo session and Holloween

Got Some cute pic of our kids and family. Jay's cousin Brittany Franco took some good pics for us and we love them. thanks Britt! Excited to put them on my wall!

 Kason in Orange, Treyden in red

Love Edens. Both Kason and Treyden had the same look in almost all the pics. Wish they would have smiled. 

She is a great, tender loving big sister. 

Just me and the kids. Jay wasn't there yet. He was coming straight from work. So later on the family pics were rushed and it was a little too dark. But Britt did a good job of editing them up. 

I LOVE this one

Just for fun Not very often do I get one of just me:)

That's it. Yea! Britt did fantastic. Thanks! We might try for a couple more family pics with my camera for fun and see if we can get these boys to smile good. 

So, this is Halloween. Kason is frowning and Jay didn't smile. In their defense the pic took forever. The guy kept saying"oh that didn't work let me try again" and I am thinking our kids only hold still for like 2 seconds so hurry quick.But we got it and we had fun party hopping to our ward, my parents carnival, and a cousins party. We were Despicable Me. Boys were minion, Eden was Edith, Jay was Gru and I was the girl in the 2nd movie named Lucy. Still haven't seen it yet, but that is on our "to do" list. The kids had a blast and ate too much candy, so I guess it was a success right?