Thursday, July 28, 2011

24th of July Celebration

Eden at the Parade
All the Rogers Watchin


Funny singles sign, " Do You Believe in Love at First Sight or Should I Pass By Again?


Got a Picture with Eden's 2nd Parents:) Kim and Trevor
Lovin' Uncle Trevor
Eden Loves Watermelon! What a mess:)


Jay and Trevor after the Alumni Basketball Game( Jays Team Won BTW)
Jay and Kendal after the Ball Game

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stacking Four High

Jay, Kendal, Craig Reynolds, and Blake were trying to stack themselves four people high in the water. They started out in the shallow and then tried in the deep end. they almost got it a few times. Kendal's brother Eldon got a rope and tried to pull them up to the shallow end while they were stacked. It was fun to watch and they had some good laughs.

They were laughing at Eldon's goggles.

The Past 2 Weeks

We had the opportunity to stay at my Aunt Mary's house while they were away with their family participating in th Nauvoo Pageant. We took care of their two dogs Ginger and Zorro, their birds and thier pool for two weeks. We had a lot of fun and greatlly enjoyed the space. We loved having a pool to go jump into at any given time. Thanks Aunt Mary and Uncle David!




So, as some of you may know, Eden, a while back had a tramatising experience with Bo's dog. She has been terrified ever since. Well, since watching these two dogs for two weeks Eden has come to love them! The first day or two she would scream any time they came near her. It was funny to watch because she was curious and wanted to get a closer look at them, but she was scared at the same time. So with a little coaxing and persistance she gradually learned to touch them ,then pet them. She loves them now and say's " doggy, whoowhowhowhowho"( this is her version of their panting noise). I think she will miss them.
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Fun in the Sun


Jay and Eden

Kendal McCray and Jay

Kristina and Audrey McCray

Eden and Brittany

While we were at my aunts house we had lots of fun in the pool. We had people over quite a few times and had a blast. Eden LOVES the water! It was a fun pool.
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Belly Flop

I don't think this turned out how he planned, but it was pretty funny:)

Brittany's Back Flip

So after Jay learned, then I decided I had to try. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

Jay's Back Flip

Kendal McCray taught Jay to do a back flip. I thought he would never want to learn, but Kendal persuaded him. Thanks Kendal!

Eden's Fishy Face


Eden started doing this a little while ago and I just never posted it. We thought it was pretty darn cute.
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