Thursday, July 25, 2013

July: what we have been up to as of late

    We have had fun the past week or so. Mostly just hanging out and playing in the rain, when it does rain. We also enjoyed a weekend in Snowflake for Gavin and Jenn's wedding. It was really good. The wedding was great and we got some good pictures. The luncheon went well. We sang a song for them based on the song from Tangled " When Will My Life Begin". It was cute and brought tears to a few eyes.  We prayed that it wouldn't rain for the reception and it didn't! It started sprinkling after everything was taken down. It went great and looked awesome.
      My kids had so much fun playing outside and with cousins. Eden would have lived on the trampoline if I let her. I am so glad that the boys can walk now. It was nice just to let them roam around a bit. Too bad we couldn't have stayed longer, or gone up for the 24th celebration. Next year we are taking work off way ahead of time so we can do that. It was nice to beat the heat for a couple days.

One evening when it was sprinkling on and off. It was cool enough to play for a bit.

Just after the wedding at the Temple

 Treyden Lovin' on Grandpa

Love this one. What handsome Men in this family! Just missing Bo

12 Grand-kids. Crazy. #13  and 14 not far behind

Oh the sibling love. Eden domination

Cute Cute. Loved Jenn's dress

She looked so cute dancing with the umbrella I couldn't resist some pics



"Hey Buddy"



Eden and Ethan were together most of the time. I think they became better buddies this trip



The set up

So Cute

Caught him this close to the speakers dancing to the music. Shake it!

Decorating the car. Wonder who that was?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Havasupai Trip

(MANY PICS BELOW> )We had a great time hiking Havasupai. this was a bucket list for me. Always jealous of the scouts being able to go. So Jay and I and my cousin Laura and her husband Dan went for a couple of days. We left Sunday afternoon and drove for a while. We were almost there when we realized something wasn't right. We ended up on the wrong side of the canyon and had to back track and drive 4 more hours. Thanks Garmin! We learned a hard lesson: a physical map is better for less traveled roads. Check it often. So that added some spice to our adventure. Needles to say we got to the top late after driving down a remote road at 35mph in fear of hitting elk, cows and horses( we saw a bunch of elk). We put down a tarp and sleeping gear and slept at the top for about an hour. Maybe. We wanted to wake up at 3 and head down so we could make it before it got hot. Well, the time changed  an hour ahead so I don't know what time we really woke up and how much sleep we got.
  We hiked in the dark for a few hours with our head lamps. It was a little slow going since we didn't know where to go in the dark but we did fine. We ended up making it to the village in 4 hours, signed in, then had another 2 miles or so to our camp ground. We were so tired and done at the village, it was hard to hike for two more miles. I guess 1 hour of sleep doesn't last long for energy:)
  We set up camp and visited Havasu Falls and played in the water. It was chilly, but you get used to it after a bit. We were lazy the first day cause we were so tired, but we still had fun. We did run into some trouble though. Squirrels ran around the camp and we heard that we needed to tie up our packs so they wouldn't get to them. We did, but not good enough. they got into Laura's pack and made a hole in it and ruined some food. then they got into their tent and made a hole in it. They never touched mine or Jays pack. Weird. But we will say that my cousins were not happy. So Jay and Dan strung our packs up really high out in a tree and didn't have any problems the rest of the time.
  Tuesday we had a lot more fun since we had more energy. We hiked down to Mooney Falls. to get there you have to go through tunnels and climb down the face of a wall with chains and ladders that people made. It was fun. We explored down the river and saw lots of little falls and caves. We didn't make it all the way down to Beaver Falls, but we went back up to Navajo Falls and swam and jumped off the top of it and through the falls.
Wed. we woke up and headed out by 4 am and made it out by 8. we made great time! It was so much easier with a lighter pack. My shoulders hurt so bad on the way it, but the way out was tons better. It was fun to look behind us and see our progress and see the canyon in the day light. We had fun and would love to do it again. I think I would like to have the heavy stuff packed in by mules next time, or maybe helicopter in and hike out unless I had a whole week to enjoy everything.
WARNING: I took a lot of pictures. I didn't put them all on here but there are quite a few. Lots of waterfalls. I love taking pictures of anything green and with water. Hope you enjoy

Hiking in at night

Laura and Dan

Jay with a full pack

Some interesting rocks

Sunrise in the canyon

This rock looked cool cause it split in 3 pieces

Jay and I on the way in

Almost to the village with our little dog friend that followed us

LDS church there. We even passed some missionaries on the way in

50 ft falls

Havasu Falls


Hiking down into the camp by Havasu Falls

Dan and Jay exploring

Some little caves by Havasu Falls and a natural spring

Mooney Falls

Above is a view of the route to get down through caves and climbing down ladders and chains

Through the mountain. they tunnels were cool

Some falls below Mooney

My hot babe

Behind a falls in a cave

This was already carved in a rock. Cool JAY


Being silly
Cool web


View downstream of small falls and Mooney

If you look close you can see a metal stairway up to this cave. We were tempted to climb it and see but it went really high and didn't know how sturdy it was. 

Waterfall Island

Man I am lucky, isn't that guy a babe!

Jay and I just before we jumped Navajo. About 25-30ft I think

Behind the Falls

Jay jumped through the falls and it spit him out

We made it! We hiked out faster than in. Yea!

We already took off our pack for this picture, but we did it. So much fun!