Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Prince like Daddy

           The other night I was telly Eden a bedtime story and then we were talking about our day. I had gotten my wedding dress out and put it on just for fun and Eden had thought it amazing and beautiful. She wanted a dress like it. So we started talking that someday she would find a kind handsome prince like daddy and wear a pretty white dress and get to be married inside the Temple. Her eyes got big and she was so excited. " A prince like daddy?!!!! In the Temple?!!!! OK!!!!", she said. It was so cute. She really looks up to Jay. She loves the Temple and loves to wear pretty dresses. If she finds a man, a prince like Jay, I will be overjoyed. They don't come much better than him. I am glad Eden will set her sights hi. Love that girl, and lover her daddy:)
 At the mall on a ride

 Disney store with Jesse. She love Toy story

Love this picture. Taken in Indio on vacation. 
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Quick Laugh for Ya

   So tonight we went to the temple and did Noble family pic for Gmas Bday then we went to a church and had cake and did an Around the Circle. Si while we were there my kids were walking around and playing. Eden and Kyria ( cousin Lauras daughter) were playing together and during some songs that we sang they were dancing. then Eden takes Kyrias hand and puts the other on her shoulder like how couples dance. So cute. Also at the Temple they were walking down the sidewalk holding hands.
  Then Kason was sitting on the floor in the church and found some napkins. He was entertain for like 5 min trying to scrub out scuff marks on the floor. Half the room was busting up while people were trying to say nice things about Gma
  Then they were all just wondering around and Treyden just goes right up to uncle Robert and sits on his lap for 10 min like he was his best friend. They are fun and very friendly for sure. They say hi to everyone in the store and anywhere else I go. Its fun to always get good comments about my cute kids. Everywhere I do someone stops me and has something usually good to say beside the overstated comment "Well, you sure have your hands full". Yeah Yeah I have heard that like 100 times already. They are full of love, laughter, hugs, kisses, learning experiences, and my most precious possessions. I wouldn't trade for anything else to make my hands so full. Here's to my sweet little ones!