Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Kason and Treyden!

Happy Birthday my sweet boys! We made it one year!!!!!!!!!!!! One day at a time. That's how we got through. Lots of learning, curve balls, long days, prayers. But also lots of laughs, smiles , giggles, and great memories. These boys light up our life and I am so glad they came together! They are such a joy. I can honestly say I have a lot of great memories with them this past year and I have learned a lot. It wasn't easy at all but it sure was worth it. On to the next!
Kason and Treyden are almost always happy, smiling boys. they have their moments, but nothing that some food, sleep or attention can't fix. I love their smiles, bright eyes, laughs, cute low raspy boy voices, the way they call my name and look at me with puppy dog eyes when they want something. I love to watch them interact with each other and with Eden. that is my favorite. Our pastime is watching them chase each other and bust up laughing. Love it! So here is to the CUTEST TWIN BOYS I know. Sure love you Kason and Treyden. Happy Happy Birthday!
Treyden                 Kason

Lovin the chocolate

They LOVE to play the piano. they get jealous ever ytime I have piano lessons with other kids 

I tried to catch them before they woke up from our bike ride. they were both asleep with their heads leaning the same way, but then Kason woke up. 

Love the trucks they got today

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