Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well we had a wonderful time in Utah this past weekend. We were able to go to all the sessions of Sat. Conference. It was a lot of fun. Friday night we went to Jay's mission reunion and I got to meet his Mission Pres. Aidukitis and his wife. He is one of the 70's. We were able to stay with one of his companions Friday night( Dennis Ferguson), my friends the Strassers on Sat.( She works for the church and was the one to get us extra tickets), and then my grandma on Sunday who lives in Provo.
The drive there was long cause we missed a turn and went the wrong way. But thanks to aunt Kim for letting us borrow some books on cd which saved us.
Oh fun story. As we were walking aroung Temple Square Sun. we heard some singing. As we got closer we say some protestors on one side of the sidewalk, and a bunch of missionaries ont the other. The protestors were "trying" to protest, but everytime they started to say something, the missionaries would get louder and louder singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Glory Glory Halelujah!!!

Fun hike

We hiked Camelback mountain during Spring break. It was fun. Hopeully it helped prepare us for the Grand Canyon coming up!!?

Being Silly one Sunday night

We were just having fun one Sunday night and decided to tak some pics. This is in our cute little apt. Oh and this is when Jay decided to have facial hair. I thought it looked pretty good. But anytime an older person would give him a hard time, he would say" My wife likes it" so I was the culprit.