Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So September is already flying by. We moved into Blake and Aprils house in August and we are really enjoying it. It has a lot more space than our previous rentals. Eden loves having a room to play with all her toys. She LOVES to go outside. anytime I say "Lets go" she gets so excited and hurries to find her shoes.Its been so hot to go outside, but we played in the sprinklers yesterday. Its starting to cool off enough in the mornings to go on walks and we both love that. Besides being outside or playing in water her favorite is reading books. She could sit and read books with me for hours.
One Sunday we just wanted to take a picture cause my hubby and little girls sooked so dang cute.

I found this dress at a thrift store! Oh I love thrift stores. I also got a nice rocking chair at one, I just cleaned off pen markings- and good as new:)

Me and my cute girl.

Eden and her little cousin( my cousin's little girl) Kyria. They have fun together.

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More Family Pics in Snowflake

It took me forever to put these up. Sorry. They turned out cute though.
Here's the big family:)
I like this one
Our little family
Eden is so cute
All the grandkids
Looking away from mom and dad kissing
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pool Fun and Zip Line

We had fun with all of Jays siblings and their kids in August. We played in the pool and made a zip line, way fun and a little exhilerating. Eden loved playing in the water and loved all her cousins. Jay had fun helping build the zip line and hang with his brothers.







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