Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7th grade girls basketball




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Wow what an awesome game! We went to Payson with our 7th grade girls basketball team that we coached this year for a tournament. We played St. Johns and won, Holbrook and won, and then we played Payson for the Championship and miraculously won! Those Payson girls were big and mean. They were cussing at our girls and being very brutal. But our girls played with heart. They wanted to win so bad and they left it all on the court. I have never seen them play so well. It came down to the wire and our lead point guard swished 2 free throws for the win. The Payson girls were so mad and some did not even shake our hands. Oh well. I am proud of our girls it was a very fun day. Eden had fun too. The girls just love her and called for turns to play with her during our brakes. They called her their little mascott. We ended the year 9-1 with only one loss to Winslow. We should have beat them but lost it in the 4th. I wish we could have redeemed ourselves against them at tournament, but they were not there.
We had a great time coaching and would do it again in a heart beat!