Sunday, September 16, 2012

4 Months old

I know I am way behind. I have done two posts already today, this makes three. These are some pictures of  Eden and the boys. The boys turned 4 months almost a month ago, so I am way behind. But better late than never. I love the boys in their overalls. And of course they hold hands. So cute. I sure love my kids. They brighten my day. The boys laugh a lot and love to smile and coo at me. They have  some fun facial expressions and like to mimic. They both roll over and love to put their hands intheir mouths. Hopefully they don't become thumb suckers.
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From the eyes of a two year old

Eden loves to take pictures. Sometimes I let her take the camera and take pictures of things she likes. These are some of her favorite things. She did a pretty good job actually. Maybe she has an eye for the camera!:)

Me and one of the boys

Her books

Piano keys ( she loves to play the piano and sing songs)

Her toy car

Her high chair

Her babies

Had to get her dolly in there:) She took these too.
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Just a few pics

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my cute kids. Eden loves her dolly and is a great little mommy to it. She will run and get it when its "cwrywing" and wrap it in a blancket and bounce her to sleep. She feeds her sometimes while I feed the boys. It's pretty cute. The pics of the boys was a few weeks ago, so they already look different now.
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