Monday, July 30, 2012

3 Months Old

So our little boys turned 3 months on the 25th. Crazy. Time is already flying.
Some things they are doing:
Making eye contact
Slobbering a lot
Hopefully soon in the future:
Rolling over
Hand Eye Coordination
Lifting upper body on the floor while on their tummies

I sure love these boys. They are lots of work but so worth it. They make me happy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camp and our week in Snowflake

We had a great time at camp. We got to go Thurs through Sat. After that we stayed in Snowflake for the week really enjoyed the weather, family, great food, and lots of fun. Eden had a blast with all her cousins and playing outside in the nice weather. She also had fun sneaking yogurts and juice from Grandma Russells fridge and secretly making  fun messes and playing in the rain. she loved the swing jumping on the tramp, and her first quad ride with me. She was scared at first to ride the 4 wheeler, but I told her we were going to look at horses and she readily agreed.
The boys did pretty good this week and I got to enjoy myself as well. We really enjoyed hanging out with  Val and her boys and later in the week Chauncy and Shar and their family came and we loved it. We had lots of laughs at Kristi's 50th birthday party. Everyone did a great job. I will try to post the video on YouTube.
Morgan and Eden playing with bubbles

Shada taking care of our babies. She was a life saver:)

Melanie too:)

Eden and Jaylee

Slip n Slide

Eden trying on fun props

Eden and Shelby

Kason fast asleep

Treyden- hope he didn't swallow any bugs

Rain storm on its way

Most of the grand-kids, we forgot to do one with the four other grand-kids. We will have to do that next time.

On our way to visit Grandma Russell and go see Brave

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