Sunday, December 6, 2009

This is Jay surprise I know. Yesterday was Brittany's b-day so I made breakfast in the morning french toast that is what she wanted. Then we went and practiced for the Christmas Spectacular that will be this next week, and then we had a special session in the Temple for our ward which was very nice. Brittany sadly had to work in the afternoon and I really needed to do some homework so it worked out alright. We wanted some Italian food for dinner so we made Ravioli and Marinara sauce with bread sticks and it was pretty darn good. Kendal and Kristina came over and we visited and played games for a while then Tyler and Wendy came and talked with us for a while as well. It was a fun day and I enjoyed having some people over and just hanging out we don't do that very much. Today after church the McCray's invited us over for dinner Kendal's b-day is the 7th and we again just ate and laughed and had a good time. That was pretty much our weekend we really enjoyed it.
School is going well I hope that I will be able to get the classes I need for next semester one of my classes was filled completely after registration had been open for only 45 minutes pretty ridiculous so I hope that works out for next year so I won't be farther behind. Someday I might finish (big sigh) it will still be a while though. We are excited to find out what our baby will be, in just like six weeks or so we should know so that is very exciting.