Sunday, February 16, 2014

Some pics from Christmas- Bass Pro Shop

Forgot to put these up from Christmas time. We went to Bass Pro Shop and the kids had fun looking at animals and riding the carousel. I think the have a need for speed too :)

                                                                    Jay and his boys:) Love it

                                                          They loved this kid dune buggy


Happy Valentines Day!!!

Better late than never. my camera wouldn't let me upload on V-Day so we are doing it today:) Hope you enjoy.The kids did pretty ggod in these, although Kason was tired and looked a little grumpy. But we had fun. WE made pink pancakes, watched my brother Kendall do flips and dance in Mesa High's "Bun Buns", which is basically a bunch of boys acting like cheerleaders and throwing each other in the air, dancing, etc. then we went to Kristina McCray's and made hearts and cupcakes with her and Sara Reynolds and Celeste Johnson. We did a few errands and made chocolate covered strawberries. I made Jay and us Brazilian BBQ and Brazilian Lemonade. We played and watched the stars and moon in the back of our truck and enjoyed time together. I made Jay a fun scavenger hunt after the kids were in bed and we had a great time. Love you all. So grateful for our good friends and family!

                                                              We Love Daddy