Friday, June 14, 2013

Picture TIme

These are some pictures that my friend took of the kids just for some practice in her studio with lighting. Most of them turned out pretty good. there are some cute ones. Just wish they would have smiled bigger:) Enjoy.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eden had a Birthday shout hooray!

I totally forgot to post this about Edens birthday. And I know I have more pictures that I took but I can't find them.

We blew up a bunch of balloons and Edens Nursery leaders brought some by as well with a candy. All the kids loved playing with them

I just can't get enough of this girls bright blue eyes and beautiful curly hair. She is fun to be around too!

She asked for a red ball and always wanted a tonka truck. Random, I know. She also got a movie of her favorite show  now "Doc Mcstuffins" and some much needed cute clothes. thanks everyone for the gifts and for wishing her a happy day!

She asked for jello for her birthday so I decided to try layered jello. Tons of work, and it didn't turn out like the picture. But it did actually tasted better than any jello I have had before. 

Love you Eden you are fun and sweet, polite and a joy to be around. I love cuddling with you and reading books and having interesting conversations with you. you are my buddy. 
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What we have been up to

We have had fun playing in the water in our little pool. Sometimes I wish I had a huge pool, but this is easy and I don't have to worry to much with a small one. 

Dress up. Eden got out the costumes and we had some friends over that wanted to put some on the boys too. They had fun. 

These are my crazy tall sunflowers! Love it. I really like the smaller orange/red ones though. 

So on facebook the other day I posted that almost every time Eden cries then the boys crawl up to her and give her hugs and pat her back and say "ohhhhh" and it is so dang cute! I have tried to cature it on camera for a while now but anytime I get it out they staop and do something else or just stare at me:(

So I got them to do it with a stuffed animal instead. Any stuffed play thing or doll, they call it a  baby. 

Treyden saying "0hhh" and patting its back

Same with Kason

If you didn't notice before Treyden has a huge bump on his forehead. It looks worse in real life. He tried to climb on a stool in the kitchen and it toppled on to him before he could get anywhere and whacked him in the head. The first on many more I am sure. 
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