Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Its been way too long so here is an overload of pics and whats been going on.

We just recently had a great Easter weekend full of good food,family and egg hunts. they kids loved it.We also went to the Easter Pageant which they also loved.

Jay took Eden to the zoo for a date and I took the boys to the Temple and to story time at the library.

Jay's birthday was a lot of fun. We went to eat at Liberty market and Firehouse Subs and I took him to a Rattlers game which was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being with him and football was exciting.

 We went and did sealings in the Gilbert Temple. its so beautiful. The night was gorgeous and i just loved being there. We saw people we knew and got some froyo after. so yummy.
  wWe also went to a play that my brother kendall is in. He was a dancer in Hello Dolly. He did an awesome job and I loved watching him.

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